Should You Visit an "Anger" Room?

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April 21, 2018
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Can you hear the insistent pounding in your head? Can you feel the hot blood pumping in your veins? Can you see the red tint of anger clouding your eyes? Anger is such a constant natural emotion that we’re sure many people have experienced one time or another. Especially now when life hurtles stressful events our way.

These can either be general like the economy or something more personal that you’re going through. Whatever it may be, stressful situations can bring out the worst in us. It's not a surprise that anger rooms suddenly popped into existence and people are excited about it.

Let’s be frank. You're stressed out, and that's why you're reading this article.

Searching ‘anger rooms near me’ in the privacy of your phone is a more discreet way of looking for a stress outlet since it’s also a good form of entertainment.

The Benefits of an "Anger" Room

But what exactly does an "anger room" offer? In the general sense, anger rooms are great places to relieve your stress as they give you instant gratification. You’ll feel the high of euphoria after destroying a room, and may even experience a calming effect once you’re finished. You don’t even need to worry about fixing things up because other people will do that for you after. Anger rooms also mimic certain real-life rooms, so you get to choose an appropriate theme to get you going. An "anger" room in Las Vegas may look like a typical house kitchen (perfect for breaking plates and your mother's "beloved" China) or even the Oval Office (if you want to punch the heck out of some frustrating political figures). You can even ask for office space and imagine giving your boss a piece of your mind (without him every knowing!).

It's all good fun, and it lessens the tension you feel at that moment. You can even do it in groups if you want.

What Happens Inside

After typing up "anger" room near me and choosing a place to go to, you’ll need to book an appointment and arrive there about 10 minutes before your schedule. This is because you’d need to fill out all the necessary paperwork before beginning.

You’ll then be equipped with the essential safety garments to ensure that you won’t be harmed. This includes a helmet, a pair of safety goggles, and special safety clothes. Next, you'll be asked to pick the type of song you want to jam to. Most will pick hip-hop or rock since their easy music to listen to if you want to get riled up. But if you have a strong taste for classical or country, by all means, choose them as well. 

You’d then get to choose a weapon you’d want to smash things up with. As a security measure, most anger rooms don’t allow you to bring your own weapon. With that, you’re all set to go inside your desired room and let out all your frustrations on the stuff there!

If your time is up and you still feel the need to break more things, you can always ask for an extension. You can even book monthly packages if you don’t want to go through the same process again and again. You pay based on the number of items in your room or time spent smashing things.

Manage Your Expectations

As much as anger rooms are a great form of entertainment and are easy outlets for managing your stress, it’s always best to remember that this isn’t the only way to curb your anger. If you think you have serious, underlying anger issues, a trip to a certified therapist will still be necessary.

Anger rooms are awesome if you want to let off steam instantly, but if you have deeper anger management issues, then a rage room is not the answer for you. More in-depth therapies have proven to be more effective for severe cases and should still be considered. There are also other activities you can try out like exercising, going on regular spa trips, or even something as simple as daily breathing exercises.

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