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Playing golf in the morning sure brings about a very healthy and refreshing start to your day, but playing gold at night is a whole other experience. Not only does the golf course look more pretty with twinkling lights and the lush of green spread over for several yards, but also the peace that comes with nighttime is what amplifies the solitude and pleasure one gets from playing golf at might. It acts as a quick stress reliever for all your troubles throughout the day, be it a bad day at work or a family quarrel, all troubles seem to evaporate with a swing at the golf course. Activities like these serve as an outlet for vent up frustration, anger, and anxiety. Hence, playing peaceful sports like golf at night is highly recommended for individuals with a hectic or troubling daily schedule.

When it comes to Edmonton, there are only a handful of Edmonton night golf courses that offer a Night golf experience. One of them is the leading Edmonton golf course & driving range, Cattail Crossing, Edmonton.

Review Of Our Edmonton Night Golf:

Our night golf Edmonton offers a prime experience for all night golf lovers. Our par-72 course with 18 holes offering a variety of challenging pots such as water elements, grassy mounds, hills, amongst others, is fully planted with the right technology to have a perfect nighttime golfing experience. There are more than enough lights in our course that adequately cover the golf range, and our cameras and screens have the fastest and latest technology to keep check of all golf plays. Our clubhouse and restaurant are available for a relaxing sitting after the night golf experience. Our challenging golf field also contains holes that are good practice space for beginners and low handicappers. Whether you are a beginner looking to practice at our night golf course, or an expert golf player looking for a night golf course to polish your golf skills and get a competitive edge, our golf course is the right place for you. We also offer learning programs that help develop golf plays and skills, for all our members, to assist the beginners or even the regulars to bring out their A game.

Several of our regular members are part of premium night golf leagues and our golf course offers hosting space for such leagues, as well as any other parties, or meetings that one might be interested in arranging. We have a great regulatory and managing team that makes sure that all gold rules are being followed by the on-field players, even during night golf. The maintenance and cleanliness of our golf course along with the safety of our members are our main aims, and we go above and beyond to fulfill these aims at our club.

The rates of our night golf course experience are very economical at only $110 for a 9-hole playfield.

Contact Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club to have the most enriching night golf experience in Edmonton at the most reasonable rates: 780-973-6686

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Night Golf Edmonton

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