MLB Player Hitting Exercise

MLB Player Hitting Exercise

One of the best things about attending a professional baseball academy is getting top-notch training that helps you along your journey into baseball. But that’s just one part of getting better at baseball.

You’d need to practice what you are taught at your baseball training lessons on your own if you want to master the drills. With that in mind, here are some of the best hitting exercises to practice at home.

 Batting Tee Into Net

As a hitter, you need excellent hand-eye coordination and impeccable timing, and that is why you need a drill like hitting into a net. One good thing about this drill is that you can set it up just about anywhere.

You can easily arrange to put up a net in your yard/garage/ basement and hit from a tee if you have space constraints. You can even place the tee wherever you need extra practice. There are endless options to explore.

Weighted Bat Swings

You need great control of your bat if you are going to be great at hitting. One drill that helps you get better at this is to swing with a weighted bat. This drill allows you to strengthen your arm muscles and all the other muscles that you need to swing a bat. If you get this drill right, you will find that you can control your swing a lot better.

 Stick Stance Drill

This drill requires a batting net, a practice stick, a practice ball, and a tee. Getting this right will also need you to set up the tee in the heart of your strike zone. You can then hit the ball using your practice stick. The next step of this drill would be to start with your natural stance.

As you practice your swings, note the stances, which creates substantial contact. The practice stick lets you take a lot of swings than you would with a regular bat. This way, you get to work out how to produce solid contact with the right stance. There is baseball training online to help get better with this.

Timing Drill

We already mentioned how important timing is to be great at hitting. So here is another simple drill that can help you get better with your timing. Here is how you go about it. Throw a ball up in the air and try to hit it before it falls to the ground.

To be on the safe side, try hitting in the direction of a batting net or a brick wall. You get to perfect your timing and your hand-eye coordination without breaking windows or windshields.

You can practice each of these drills after learning them at baseball camp. You could even get an online baseball coach to help you.

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MLB Player Hitting Exercise

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MLB Player Hitting Exercise

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