How to Plan the Ultimate Birthday Party

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August 5, 2018
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Is your special day coming up soon? Or do you want to throw the best birthday party for someone you love? Well, you might want to consider taking your celebration to Sin City. There are lots of fun things to do in Las Vegas and having a birthday party there would definitely be a memorable experience.

To plan the perfect party, pick the question you want to be answered first:

  • Is it a good idea to have a birthday party in Sin City?
  • What do you need for a great birthday party in Las Vegas?
  • What are the fun things to do in Las Vegas?
    • Relaxing Day Activities
    • Classic Night Activities
    • Extreme and Unique Activities

Is it a good idea to have a birthday party in Sin City?

You may be having some reservations about throwing your big birthday bash in Las Vegas, and we really can’t blame you. A lot can go wrong, that’s true. But so much more can go right!

Las Vegas isn’t all about clubbing and hooking up with new people. You can go here to relax and unwind in the many resorts, see some wonderful shows, and try out new experiences.

After all, Las Vegas is known for being very accommodating when it comes to having fun and getting great entertainment. There are so many activities that you can do both in the day and well into the night. All you have to do is plan and choose what you want to do!

To get tips on how to plan the perfect birthday party, continue reading below.

What do you need for a great birthday party in las vegas?

Every great birthday party needs a little preparation before the fun begins. For a stress-free time, you can always hire an organizer or get a birthday party package. There’s a ton of them on the internet and all you have to do is find the one that fits perfectly with what you want.

But, if you’re looking to do something utterly unique and to your liking, planning the party yourself is the way to go. Here is a checklist of the things you need to do to host the ultimate birthday party in Las Vegas!

Do Some Party Pre-planning

Pre-party planning plays a pretty important role in the success of your birthday bash. This is where the foundation of your party resides, so don't do this half-heartedly. Ironing out these details now will help you do the other steps easier and quicker.

1. Choose a Date

The very first thing you need to do is to choose a date for your celebration. You will be booking and reserving a lot of stuff so knowing the exact date you’ll need them is really vital. Plus, having a chosen date will make it easier for your guests to RSVP.

A good idea is to set your birthday on a weekend since most guests are free during this time. Of course, you can choose to set it on a weekday but make sure to tell your guests well ahead of time so that they can make their own plans.

2. Create a Guest List

If you plan on traveling to Las Vegas, it might be better to keep your guest list short and intimate. You have to take into account how everyone is getting there. Will you be shouldering their transportation? Or will they go there on their own, instead?

Plus, having a guest list allows you to see who’s going as well as limit the risk of you forgetting to invite someone important.

3. Plan Your Budget

Yes, there are tons of things to do while in Sin City, and not creating a budget beforehand can be disastrous. Make sure to set aside enough money for everything you need first. Las Vegas can be tempting in its own right and you can easily find yourself broke if you don’t plan well. 

Setting a budget gives you the opportunity of saving more since it minimizes the opportunity to spend a lot. A budget is a handy guide when you’re out looking for your party essentials and activities. In a way, it sets the tone for your party.

Get The Essentials Ready

Now that the general details are done. It’s time to prepare your party necessities. These are the things that a lot of people will remember about during your party. Sure, the actual entertainment will probably be more fun and more memorable, but these things are what makes the actual party a ‘party.'

Make sure to plan these things out well so that you and all your guests can have the most fun while in Las Vegas.

1. Find Accommodations

If you want to make the most of your time in Las Vegas, it’s always best to book your stay in a hotel nearby. While it’s not your responsibility to shoulder everyone’s hotel expenses, it’s still a good idea to scout the ones nearest to your venue.

The hotels in Las Vegas are a party themselves so you can choose one that's near the theme of your celebration. If you're going for classic and romantic, you can book your stay at the European-inspired Paris Hotel. If you’re more of the outgoing and clubbing type, maybe staying in Planet Hollywood will fit your vibe better.

2. Prepare Your Food

Ahhh, food! This is the part that makes or breaks any party, regardless of where it's hosted. The best way to keep your guests happy and satisfied with your party is delicious food. There are many ways around this. Most venues already have partner caterers that can offer you delectable choices and can lessen the stress of looking for one on your own.

But there are many considerations you still need to make. Will your food be themed? Is it buffet style or sit-down? Are you going to serve it during lunch or dinner? Make sure to have these details ironed out well before the party date for a smooth and successful celebration.

3. Reserve a Venue

Yes, it’s true that Las Vegas has a lot to offer when it comes to activities, and staying in one place might not be what you want. But it’s still a good idea to have a venue where everyone can stay together for just an hour or two.

You can even combine this step with the food and have it at a restaurant, to keep things within budget. A venue just keeps the idea of togetherness more coherent and it gives you the opportunity to mingle with all of your guests before the real entertainment comes.

Create an Entertainment List

Now that you’ve done all the necessary planning, the fun part can begin. You can now start planning all the things you need to make sure your guests have some serious fun. Unforgettable experiences are part of Las Vegas’ charm after all.

There are many types of activities you can do in Sin City, from a relaxing day out to a bustling, crazy nightlife. You can go on a food trip to the many restaurants on the strip and lounge at the poolside with a margarita on hand, or try extreme sports and dance away in the nightclubs.

Here are a few things you need to do to create the ultimate Vegas experience:

1. Book Your Entertainment

If you’re planning on booking a venue, some form of entertainment might be in order. You can hire a live band to play at your party. Or if you’re more into fast and charged music, a DJ is a good idea, too. 

If you want your pictures to look professionally done, you may want to hire a photographer to come along with you.

2. Hire Transportation

This is where the party truly starts. A true Las Vegas experience should definitely include you and your guests going to different places across the city. To keep everyone together, why not rent a van or if you’re feeling extra wild, a party bus. 

Hiring a big van that can fit all of you makes for really good memories and allows everyone to travel as a group.

3. Check Out Activities

Last but most definitely not the least is to plan out the activities you want to do with your guests. There are so many to choose from and it highly depends on your interests and how much time you want to allot.

If you only have half a day, prioritize the ones you really want to do first. You can choose from day activities or purely night ones.

If you plan to make the most of your stay, book activities from early in the morning continuing until very late at night. To know more about the kinds of awesome things you can do in Las Vegas, continue reading the least below!

What are the fun things to do in Las Vegas?

To keep things organized, you can categorize the activities you can do into two groups: the day group and the night group. Day activities can range from relaxing to outgoing while most night activities are geared towards partying and being social.

Relaxing Day Activites

If you want to keep the celebration light and relaxed, a day party is the way to go. There are so many places in Las Vegas that will surely let you unwind. 

Poolside Bars

Most of the hotels in the Strip have pools and poolside bars. You can choose to stay there the whole day, sipping a cocktail and just swimming around. 

Spa Treatments

But, if you want to relieve your aching muscles, a spa treatment is definitely the way to go.

Since the hotels in Las Vegas offer almost the same services, they make up for it by creating beautifully themed rooms. If you want to feel like celebrating your birthday in a luxurious Roman bathhouse, the one in Caesars Palace is a great choice!

Brunch Buffets

If you choose to go to a brunch buffet, you may opt to forego the ‘Reserve a Venue’ step. Brunch buffets are an amazing way to bond with your guests, keep chatting for a long while, and enjoy a wide range of delicious food.

Classic Night Activities

If you want to have a classic Las Vegas experience, going out and partying all through the night is what you need to do! There are so many kinds of clubs that you'd definitely have a hard time choosing. The key to lasting until early morning is pacing.

That’s why planning the order of your nightly activities is a must if you and your guests want to remember what happened. Start with the tamer stuff and go all out as the night progresses.

Night Shows

Aside from the usual partying scene, Las Vegas is very well-known for its amazing shows. Many talented people around the world flock to Las Vegas to share their gifts with you, from serenading you with their angelic voices to creating fantastical illusions.

Start your night by watching a show. Many of the bars and hotels in the Strip offer wonderful shows for you and your guests to enjoy. You can witness something magical in Cirque de Soleil, listen to music idols like Gwen Stefani and the Air Supply, or have a few laughs with comedians like Jeff Dunham and Jerry Seinfeld.

Night Clubs

Ahh, the nightlife of Las Vegas is comparable to no other! Let loose and get wild by hopping inside the many clubs in the area. You can start slow in music lounges and bars like Commonwealth and progressively get a little wilder by dancing and drinking in nightclubs like XS in Wynn Encore or Light in Mandalay Bay. 

Extreme and Unique Activities

All those things above are awesome and great; but if you think they're too common, Sin City still has you covered. You and your guests are in it for a treat if you're in want of something a little more outgoing and daring. From flying fighter planes to driving expensive luxury cars, here are a few awesome activities you can indulge in for your birthday:

Drive a Racecar

If your someone whose childhood dream was to become a NASCAR driver, then this an opportunity of a lifetime. Here in Las Vegas, you and your guests have the chance to drive very expensive and very fast cars.

You can choose between driving these supercars on your own or having a professional drifter take you for a spin or two. We're sure your guests will definitely enjoy this thrilling experience!

Smash It Up At Rage Rooms

Rage rooms are the new talk of the town! If you were at home, smashing the TV into pieces or trashing your bedroom would definitely be looked down upon. But at Sin City Smash, you and your guests can demolish entire rooms, completely destroy appliances, and just relieve your stress through hitting and throwing stuff without getting into trouble. Check out a Vegas birthday party package from our wide selection of packages right here. We offer tailored smashing parties to suit the size of your party, and can guarantee an extraordinarily fun birthday trip for all involved!

In fact, they’d even encourage it! So, if you and your guests want a safe and secure environment where you can unleash your raw energy without getting hurt, hurry over here and shatter their precious china!

Ride Real-life Cats

While some of you dreamt of becoming astronauts and fairy princesses, others would have loved to handle those big construction trucks they kept seeing. Well, that dream is about to come true! In this huge adult playground, you and your guests can dig, cover, and drive real-life heavy equipment.

It doesn’t matter what gender you are! You know both girls and guys will absolutely have fun playing in this giant sandbox.

Planning a birthday party is a big hassle, that’s true. And if you want to have the ultimate birthday party, it will stress you out. But think of the beautiful outcome of all that hard work and you’ll realize that all those meticulous steps and detailed planning will all be worth it. What's most important is you experience the best fun at your party!

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