How to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

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May 12, 2018
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Is your friend tying the knot soon? Give him a blast before his big day by gathering up the bros and coming up with fun bachelor party ideas for a night he will never forget. But, there’s nothing to worry about if you’re completely clueless on fun bachelor party ideas. You can look up ‘fun bachelor party ideas’ to come up with the perfect plan for the party or you can tune in to this list to come up with some bachelor party ideas yourself. Here’s a guide to coming up with fun bachelor party ideas for the most rad bachelor party for the groom to be:

The Food

Behind a fun bachelor party lies good food, and lots of booze. Having one or two types of food for the party will be a bore. Pick out varieties of food to help you with your fun bachelor party ideas. You can also associate some games with foods and booze. Pizza can be a good addition to your choices too, and one that your friends most likely cannot resist; and it’s also inexpensive for a food that can cover many people, preferably with their party-sized servings.

You also need to consider the guests’ allergies, as much as a setback it sounds. You need not exclude the food if every other guest like it, but make sure you warn all guests with allergies on which food they cannot eat.

The Guests

Here’s one of the most important things to consider when planning a bachelor party: The Guests. The people you will invite will be crucial to the overall enjoyment and fun of the party. Invite your bros and maybe some of the groom’s bachelor relatives; but make sure they buy your trip as good as your bros do, if they aren’t necessarily friends already.

Inviting just every bachelor friend the groom has, without thoughts, may result to the mess of the party; as not everyone may get in the fun bachelor party ideas you have in mind and in turn, just make things awkward for all of you. So, make sure to pick the right guests for the party. The important thing is that everyone goes along with the trips and laughs in the party.

Remember that the bachelor party is for the groom, so make sure the party is free from people who have bad history with the man of the night. Invite the groom’s closest friends and watch how the presence of people alone in the party brighten up its vibes.

The Budget

A good bachelor party doesn’t have to cost you and your friends a fortune. The key to making your fun bachelor party ideas come to life is planning out the budget well; deciding where you should spend it on, and which need of the party is prioritized. To avoid surprise defrayment during the party, it’s best that you talk it all out with the people who agreed to contribute for the party.

Make the most out of your intended budget by searching up cool party deals online—ones that offer packages of the venue and activities. Also make sure that every contributor for the party agreed on the amount before you start booking for the venue and pre-ordering for food. Otherwise, adjust the budget and activities accordingly. Again, you can still plan out a fun bachelor party without spending too much if you manage the contributions wisely.

The Venue

A good way to make a bachelor party memorable is picking out a place that offers not only a cozy place to eat and celebrate on, but also its own recreational activities. Spice up the evening with fun activities, preferably those that are new to the groom. If you plan on going on a trip to celebrate, might as well drive to Las Vegas if you’re up for some smashing adventures the groom will surely remember. You should look up ‘fun bachelor party Las Vegas’ to kick-start your list!

But if the venue is preferred to be at a friend’s house or a local lounge, you’ve got to exert more effort in taking care of things for the party to go smoothly. Make sure the place is all yours to celebrate in so the guests would have the freedom to let loose and just party. If you choose to check-in a hotel for the party, make sure that the groom gets to be comfortable sleeping on a bed, and not anywhere else. Make reservations too upon finalizing the guest list.

Let the venue be a place where all of you can freely party to your will and one where your outdoor activities are easily accessible too, if you have any.

The Activities

Giving the groom the party of his bachelor life shouldn’t just be about the booze. Take the opportunity to let him try out things that are new to him, especially those he probably wouldn’t have the time to try out when he officially ties the knot (Hint: It’s NOT an opportunity to cheat). You’ve got to line up these series of activities to keep the guests entertained, too.

Give an ample of time to do some research on fun bachelor party ideas, too, by googling ‘fun bachelor party ideas’. Las Vegas may be a good place to look in if you’re up to some nerve-wracking activities with your bros. If that’s your trip, then you might as well try searching up ‘fun bachelor party ideas Las Vegas’ for fun activities you can book up for your bachelor party in Las Vegas. There are so many fun things to do there like visiting a rage room and axe throwing facility called Sin City Smash to try our Bachelor Party Package, riding all the rides at the Stratosphere, visiting the many clubs on the strip, etc. The options are endless!

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