Stress is the Biggest Killer of Our Time

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July 17, 2018
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Living a life of built-up stress can give you a lot more problems in the long run; often worse than the issues that gave you stresses in the first place. Seems relatable?

Then you may need to look up stress relief methods or get yourself a list of fun things to do when the weekend comes. Prolonged stress as a mental health issue can be associated with dozens of complications. Symptoms of immediate stress can range from having increased blood pressure, to having anxiety attacks.

So, what actually happens in your body when you are stressed out and begin needing the most immediate means of stress relief around? When your body senses danger, any forms, even ranging from your definitions of danger (e.g. in terms of economic stability or emotional relationships), your body releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormone) to hype up your body's fuel and in turn, your capabilities. This is your body's natural fight or flight mechanism triggering.

Now, if it's natural, why is stress still dangerous?

The complication starts here, which puts a lot more value to stress relief measures. When the threat is eliminated, your fight or flight mechanism supposedly turns off on its own. But the risks we usually perceive in our everyday lives are countless.

The same threat, may it be meeting a quota or approaching deadlines, may either last longer than your body expects natural threats do or occur one after another like a never-ending queue.

The best thing to do then is to look for fun things to do as stress relief measures or find ‘rage room las vegas' for a session of destruction therapy for you, your friends, or for your loved ones.

When this happens, your fight or flight mechanism is kept active and will lead to your body sending more and more adrenaline and cortisol signals to each of its parts, until finally exhausting your own self.

This is what happens to your body explained just in a biological sense. There are still other layers in the very implication of stress to your entire being.

The most perceptible one is its psychological effect or its effect on your behavior and outlook on life. This may change even your perception of enjoyment and fulfillment and even your opinion on fun things to do for the weekends.

Stress can strip you of your motivation to do things, work, and in turn, your motivation

“Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain cells. Stress is not a good idea." 
~ Frederick Saunders 

When you talk about stress in the behavioral sense, you take into consideration as well the people you mostly interact with (e.g., friends, family, lover).

The continuous release of the said hormones leads to changes in one's mood and interests; and although the surge of those hormones supposedly provides your body with more fuel to respond to the presented threats, too much of these, again, can strip you of your motivation to do things, to work, and in turn, your productivity.

This downfall in your productivity will lead to more frustrations, and those bad feedbacks from your co-workers won't help at all; and without proper treatment and efforts to get rid of this pent-up stress, you will be stuck in the loop of an unhappy person's life. Does this mean goodbye to those fun things to do list you've always been keeping in your old notes?

Given the implications of pent-up stress to your well-being, the danger still persists, and it most certainly wouldn't be the one to adjust to your lifestyle. Your work will proceed as it is, and your studies won't wait for you. On top of all of these, you will still have to meet yours and/or your family's basic needs. Your life basically goes on, and the least you can do for yourself is to be stress-free and happy all the while working hard.

Nobody ever wanted to be stressed. It's not something that people choose on their own will. The stress we are experiencing is actually built up from the various interactions we encounter in our everyday lives—like friction between two contacting objects. The harsh reality of life implies that it is going to build up every time.

But, don't worry. Being aware of the problem is the first step to solving it, and you're already there. As with every other pent-up tension, the apparent solution is to release your impending stress bomb before it vents out on its own unexpectedly.

Destruction Therapy Will Help You Relieve Stress

There are many ways to release stress out of your body. You can channel it through recreational activities and other hobbies; though, the complication of this method lies on whether you can let loose without being critical of your works or end results. Otherwise, that activity will only lead to more embedded stress in your system.

One of the most notable ways of releasing stress is destruction therapy. This method is known for giving a rather fun twist in the conventional ideas of healing and therapy and would be likely to end up in the list of fun things to do for people in Vegas.

This idea involves taking out your stress onto breaking objects to your heart's content. The activity gives a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to the person as fragments of the objects fly out and about with the sound of his/her smashes. It also empowers the person, which may lift his/her spirits up after a long time of enduring stress.

Luckily, destruction therapy is now one of the top fun things to do in Vegas. If you haven't heard of this liberating recreation yet, look up ‘rage room las vegas' now to know more!

Destruction therapy is the main feat of a rage room. Las Vegas has one of the best rage room facilities out there— the Sin City Smash.

Not only can you visualize your stress flowing out of you more freely with the flight of those poker chips, but you can also turn it into a stress relief get-together with your friends and family for a warmer and action-packed therapy you've never seen before!

Additional Stress Relieving Benefits

One of the most important benefits of the said therapy is its giving of physical representation of the stress taken out from the person.

This actually means a lot more than it seems; because as human beings, we tend to look for physical manifestations of things, even for things like stress-release in this manner. It gives the person a fuller stress relief experience: Fun things to do featuring rage room Las Vegas!

The long-term effect of stress is real as it gets, and can cause some life-changing damage to your body or to your relationships with other people. To avoid these, one must understand these implications and must do their best to keep their mental health in check at all times.

Remember to de-stress from time to time to maintain a happy and productive lifestyle and relationship with everyone. Look up ‘rage room las vegas' for a fun-filled session of stress relief right now!

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