Axe Throwing Las Vegas


Las Vegas Axe Throwing Details:

Sin City Smash is THE FIRST and ONLY Axe Throwing venue with Projected Targets and Luxury Seating.

Upgrade your inner Beast…with Axe Throwing! You never know when this skill can save your life. It’s best to start practicing! This 1-hour Axe Throwing experience will get you hitting bullseye in no time!

$40 Per Person | Duration: 1 Hour 

  • Must be age 10+ to participate in axe throwing
  • Specialty themed packages are restricted to participants ages 16+
  • Closed-toe shoes are required around our axes
  • No ax handling experience necessary
  • Photo ID Required at Check-in
  • Private Ax Throwing Lane up to 4 guests

Axe Throwing at Sin City Smash—Axe-Ceptional Fun!

Looking for fun off the beaten path in Las Vegas, NV? Welcome to ax throwing Las Vegas-style! The popularity of ax throwing continues to grow—for good reason! It’s fast-paced, beginner-friendly, and totally unique.

Rated as one of the most fun and unique things to do in Las Vegas!

Sin City Smash offers the ultimate indoor axe throwing experience. Who knew axes could be such fun? Don’t be afraid to make an axe monkey of yourself on your first visit. Ax throwing is easy to learn. No lumberjack or axe handling experience required.


Want a Custom Smash and Axe Throwing experience for your group? Call (702) 912-1344 or email to speak with one our team members.

Axe Throwing FAQs:

1. Are there Other Things to Throw besides an Axe?

Yes! We’ve got tomahawks. We’ve got ninja stars—and a real ninja on hand you’ll never see. We’ve got shovels. We’ve got hatchets. We’ve got batarangs—Batman may or may not be recruiting at our location. And we’ve got ninja stars. Did we say ninja stars? And our axes! Our arsenal is yours so let the target beware!

If a knife-throwing range is what you want, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got some of the best knife throwing Las Vegas can offer. If you’re feeling more of a sledgehammer, or, artistic mood, be sure to check out our Smash Rooms or Splatter Paint Room. Ax throwing places like Axe Monkeys Las Vegas can’t offer the added fun of a wreck room or paint splattering fun as we do. All our activities and axe throwing lanes are perfect for date night plans! 


2. Is Ax Throwing Good for Groups?

Absolutely! Las Vegas loves a memorable party and few group events come as memorable as axe throwing. We’ve got alternate activities for those not interest in axes including Smash Rooms and Splatter Paint. If you’re group wants some variety we’ve got knives and axe throwing games to try. We’ve got all the warriors and artists in your group covered. Even younger axe monkeys are welcome to participate with supervision. Any age will find a game to enjoy.

Our ax throwing range is perfect for bachelor/bachelorette parties, divorce parties, birthday parties, corporate groups, even anniversaries. Your group is guaranteed to have a blast with our axes throwing in Vegas! We also offer themes for your group events so let us know what your group enjoys. Axe throwing isn’t just for leagues and veterans, newcomers can sling throwing axes and have fun in no time.


3. Is Axe Throwing Good for Dates?

How can romance and hurling axes go together, you ask? Simple. A date means getting to know someone and building trust through honest conversation. Nothing about that means sharp edges can’t be involved. Axe throwing creates memories while breaking the ice. It’s a perfect date night activity for anyone in Las Vegas. We offer date night packages. Ask us for more info! 

4. How Expensive is Axe Throwing?

Our rates are $25 per person per hour and makes us one of the best axe throwing venues in Las Vegas. This price covers the lane rental area, axes (and other edged blades), as well as initial safety training from one of our staff members.


5. Is Ax Throwing Dangerous?

We’ve learned from our time managing Smash Rooms that safety and swinging metal objects aren’t exclusive. We’ve got it down to a formula. Here’s how we do it:

proper axe throwing instructions + common sense = safety for everyone

Each axe throwing lane is separated by a metal cage to keep rebounding axes out of other lanes. Closed-toe shoes are required. We also require a photo ID at check-in. All axe throwing participants will be supervised by an observing staff member. Any dangerous or disruptive behavior may result in our team members asking that person to leave. Sin City Smash doesn’t tolerate rule-breaking axe monkeys. Don’t worry. Rule-breaking axe monkeys are welcome to check out our Smash Rooms and have at it! We’ve built a place to unleash rage.


6. What is the Trick to Axe Throwing?

Grip—motion—release. Axe throwing comes down these principles. Correct grip, fluid motion, and proper timing make perfect throws. Gripping the axe handle with both hands ensures proper form. Release the axe just above the head as you swing your arms down to your sides. Once you develop a consistent motion with your axe throw, you’ll be smacking the bulls eye in no time.

Because it’s so simple, many axe throwing guests show up with no prior experience and begin striking targets with axes in minutes. Axe throw is a beginner-friendly activity. However, no ‘trick’ can replace axe throw practice, so make your reservation today!

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