About Our Rage Room

Sin City Smash is a Premier Rage Room facility in Las Vegas, NV dedicated to providing an Exhilarating Experience to the masses.

What is Sin City Smash

If you were wondering “where is a rage room near me?” then you’ve found it! It’s a place where you can gear up and destroy real-life mocked rooms that simulate an actual workplace, living area or kitchen.

How It Works

Our rage rooms in Las Vegas are designed as places to break things to your heart’s content!

1. Reserve Your Time

Book your appointment online through our reservation page above or any of our social media pages.

2. Choose your Package

Choose from one of our many packages. (Plus any Add-ons! Get the Add-ons)

3. be on time

Show up to your appointment ON TIME.

4. SMASH! SMASh! Smash

Smash your way through the stuff!!!

5. Share your mess!

Be sure to share your wreckage with your friends online! Tag Us @SinCitySmash and spread the word.

Why people love our las vegas attraction

Stress can negatively affect you both mentally and physically. Studies have shown that stress and anxiety levels are on the rise and continue to increase through the generations. Unfortunately, these factors also play a role in the increased suicide rates, substance abuse, depression, and violent crimes. That’s why we built a rage room!

That provides a safe, fun environment for people like you and me who experience very normal feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, and stress to release these feelings appropriately. Essentially we’re encouraging you to take your anger and frustration out on us! All you need to do is book your appointment online or over the phone, show up, pick the items you want to break, and start smashing! We’ll take care of the rest for you.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Las Vegas

Then stop by anytime. Come alone or with a group of friends. You and your partner can even enjoy date night with us! Everyone is welcome to our “anger room” especially those seeking a thrilling, new experience or anyone with destructive desires. We offer different packages that fit everyone’s needs and cravings with customizable options as well! To view our packages, click here.

Sin City Smash can host large parties and corporate events. To inquire more about event and group pricing:


*DISCLAIMER: Sin City Smash does not claim to be a mental help or medical facility, we do not treat, give a diagnosis or provide medical therapy of any kind. We are classified as an indoor amusement park and entertainment only, if you feel that you have any mental or medical issues that need to be treated please see a licensed physician or obtain a referral. Thank You.*

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